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NMPHA 2020 Annual Virtual Conference

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2020 NMPHA Virtual Annual Conference:

Social Justice and Public Health!

 Friday, Oct 2, 2020

NMPHA Ancestral Land Acknowledgement Initiative

Sheena Tallis-Tallman, NMPHA Land Acknowledgement Initiative Lead


KEYNOTE: Putting Communities First: A Journey Toward Health Equity

Anthony Fleg, MD, MPH, Shannon Fleg, MA and Brenda Pereda, MD, MS

NHI Youth Speak on Racism, Healthy Equity and a Better World


1A: Mobilization of Luna County with Asylum-Seeker Arrival 

Rebecca Sanchez, MSW; Chris Brice; and Barbara Ammirati

1B: Improving Access to Healthcare for People with Disabilities 

Lisa McNiven, MPA; Stan Ross, MA; Ingrid Hendrix, MILS, AHIP; Dianne Lindstrom; and Holly Ridgeway

1C: Policy, Advocacy, and Child Well-being in New Mexico: How Taxes and Budgets Create a Culture of Health

Jacob Vigil, MSW; and Derek Lin, MPH

1D: Healthy Housing Standards: Building the Foundation to Empower New Mexicans to Live in Healthy Environments

Alex Coyle; and Alex Gallegos

1E: The Organic Farmer Health, Safety & Life Survey, an Innovative Approach to Occupational Safety and Health 

Daisy Rosero; and Francisco Soto Mas, MD, PhD, MPH

IF: A Recipe for Workplace Equity – Paid Family & Medical Leave and Other Economic Security Policies

Tracy McDaniel, MPH; and Stephanie Welch, JD


2A: 2020 NMPHA State Legislative Health Policy Priorities: Updates from the State Legislative Session

Barak Wolff, Pam Roy, MS; Nancy Rodriguez, BA; Susan Wilger, MPAff; and Miranda Viscoli, MA

2B: Utilizing Mobile Applications and Virtual Visits to Reduce Inequities in MCH Home Visiting Services

Priya Sudarsanam, MS, CCC-SLP; Regina Huffman, MA, LMHC; Ginny Beamsley, MS, CCC-SLP; and Mary Gaul, MPH

2C: COVID and Collaborative Care: Meeting the Needs of Indigenous Communities

Anthony Fleg, MD, MPH; Dakotah Jim, MS; and Jennifer Nanez, MSW, LMSW

2D: Prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Among Youth Incarcerated 2011-2018 in the New Mexico Juvenile Prison

Andrew Hsi, MD, MPH; Lori Zigich, MPH; Sarah Steadman, JD; and George Davis, MD

2E: A Closer Look at the McKinley County Substance Use Prevention Program  

Daisy Rosero; and Francisco Soto Mas, MD, PhD, MPH

2F: Capitalism as a Systemic Determinant of Health

Enrique Cardiel, MPH


3A1  A Technical Assistance Model to Facilitate Use of the School Health Index to Assess Chronic Health Condition Management in Schools;

Grace McCauley and Sarah Sanders, RN, MS

3A2  When Youth Talk, Adults Listen: Youth Engagement and Policy Change
Aracely Florez-Ramirez, Valencia High School; Alisia Mejia, Atrisco Heritage Academy; and Loree Foster, Aztec High School

3A3  Sexual Violence Prevention at the Community Level

Sarah Matthes, MPH; and Jess Clark

    3B1 Young Latina Survivors in the Paso del Norte Border Region: Physically and Mentally Overcoming the Challenges of a Cancer Diagnosis
      Clara Reyes, MP

      3B2 A Case Study of Burdens Experienced by a Hispanic Mother Diagnosed with Cancer and its Implications for a Cancer Education Program in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region

        Adriena Hernandez

        3B3 End of Life Disparities in Communities of Color

          Tony Jemison, JD and Brandi Alexander

          3C1 Eat Well Otero Mobilizing Community Partnerships for Healthy Eating 
          Maureen Schmittle, Holly Mata, PhD, CHES and Christina Vaquera

            3C2 Marketplace Insurance in New Mexico: Coverage, Continuity, Consumption & Competition

            Nicholas Edwardson, PhD, MS; Claudia Diaz Fuentes, PhD; Melissa Roberts, PhD; and Disha Shende, MA, PhD

            3C3  Data for Local COVID Response
            Emily McRae, Joan Goldsworthy, MD and Cynthia Jacobs

            3D1  Public Health Approaches to Suicide and Injury Prevention
            Garry Kelley, MS

            3D2  Relationship Between the Built Environment and Physical Activity in Children Living in New Mexico’s Border Colonies
            Christopher Sroka, PhD; and Jill A. McDonald, PhD

            3D3 Multi-Level Approach to Suicide Prevention and Intervention in an American Indian Community
            Louis Lafrado, PhD


            P1: Rates of Postpartum Glucose Screening among Native American Mothers with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

            Chelsea Kettering, DrPH, MPH
            P2: Engaging diverse populations in health research through the Community Health Network

            Cynthia Killough, MA

            P3: A Hispanic community's evaluation of the culturally adapted Conexiones program: An inductive analysis of focus groups

            Isela Garcia, MPH; Rebecca Palacios, PhD; and Clara Reyes, MPH

            P4: Screening & Treatment for Pediatric Hepatitis C Virus in New Mexico

            Monique K Vallaban, DNP, FNP-bc, MSN; Ricardo Castillo, MD; Candace Murchio, BSN, RN, CPN; Elizabeth Yakes Jimenez, PhD, RDN, LD; and Jacqueline Fridge, MD, MBA

            P5: Healers of Tomorrow: Zia Youth Project

            Anthony Fleg, MD, MPH; Sara Gonzalez, MD; Eliana Garcia; Lorenzo Silva; and Emelia Pino

            P6: Perspectives on Expedited Partner Therapy: A Survey of Health Care Providers

            Kaitlyn Kennedy, MD, MPH; Danielle Albright PhD; Lynne Fullerton, PhD; and Melissa Fleegler MD

            P7: Intimate Partner Violence in a US-Mexico Border Community, 2015-2017

            Nicole Mandall, MPH; Jill McDonald, PhD; Charlotte Gard, PhD; and Susan Wilson, PhD

            P8: Assessment of Prevalence of Urinary Mercury in a US Population

            Nirbachita Biswas, MBBS, MPH

            P9: Social Determinants of Adult Obesity by Gender and Race in New Mexico, 2017

            Eric Leung

            P10: Assessing Physical Activity Among Youth in Rural, Southern New Mexico

            Juan Carlos Padilla, MPH student; Jill A. McDonald, PhD; Christopher Sroka, PhD; and Cynthia Kratzke, PhD

            P11: Annual Dental Visits among New Mexico Adults, 2012 - 2018

            Monika Attia; Jill A. McDonald, PhD; and Juan Carlos Padilla, MPH student

            P12: The Impact of Masculinity on Colorectal Cancer Screening and General Help Seeking Among Hispanic Men

            Bidemi Adedokun

            P13: Global Self-Esteem, Contingent Self-Esteem, and Challenge Appraisal as Predictors of Depression among Municipal Firefighters

            Osasere Emovon, MPH student; and Joe Tomaka, PhD

            P14: Association Between Adulthood Blood Lead Levels and Major Depressive Disorder Using the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 

            Melissa Christian

            P15: Prevalence of Human Papilloma Virus Types among U.S. Population

            Monika Attia; Botros Hanna; and Humairat Rahman, MD, MPH, PhD

            P16: Quality of Prenatal Care Information on the Birth Certificate in Border Communities

            Jill McDonald, PhD; Damien Speaker; Stephanie Yoon, MPH; and Katherine Selchau, MA

            P17: Assessing the Status of LARC Education and Clinical Training in Colleges and Universities for MD, DO, PA, CNP, and CNM Programs that serve New Mexico

            Michelle Kashuba, RN, MSN


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