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HHS announced a new research objective: “Increase the proportion of the voting-age citizens who vote”! 

"This updated objective demonstrates the impact your leadership and the Healthy Democracy Healthy People coalition can make to improving our nation’s health and wellbeing. The coalition sign-on letter from April 2021 started this process. Development of the Health & Democracy Index released in August 2021 supported the analysis and launched the process of expanding public understanding of the relationship between civic and voter participation and health. Public comments the coalition and community partners submitted in response to the Request for Information in January 2022 solidified the evidence and arguments in support of this new objective. We plan to continue to partner with  HHS and the Healthy People 2030 staff to develop the research necessary to ensure this measure becomes a Core Objective. This change will be highlighted in the August  Civic Health Conference during a  panel moderated by Jessica Barba Brown, Senior Advisor of Healthy Democracy Healthy People and featuring RADM Paul Reed, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion."

Healthy People 2030 establishes our nation’s goals for the public health community. Increasing voter turnout became a research objective yesterday. This is a great development in recognizing the role democracy plays in community health. THANK YOU HHS Prevention!

WELC ANALYSIS: Inflation Reduction Act’s climate provisions

"Late yesterday, Leader Schumer announced a tentative deal for Senate Democrats to pass a bill called the “Inflation Reduction Act,” a long-awaited bill with important climate, energy, and environmental implications."

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